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As government contracting increases in size and importance, it is also growing in complexity and compliance risk.  Working with the government can be daunting.  Let our team be part of your solution.

Our Practice focuses on:

Government Acquisitions

Williamson Law Group fights vigorously to protect your rights to ensure the government is adhering to the rules in acquisition actions, including contracts, cooperative agreements, grants or other actions, as well as classified procurements.  We defend and challenge contract awards and solicitations, and assist clients in all aspects of contract management and administration. more

Compliance and Ethics

Government contracting is one of the most highly regulated businesses, and the regulations are only increasing and becoming more complex. Many of the underlying laws are criminal, and carry substantial corporate and personal liability to government contractors. Williamson Law Group has extensive experience in providing powerful compliance solutions.  more

Intellectual Property Rights Under Government Contracts

Your business depends upon your competitive edge.  Your competitive edge is your intellectual property.  How well your intellectual property is protected may well mean the difference between success in the highly competitive government market and failure.  To be most successful, you must both maintain your current intellectual property, and protect future innovations. more

Strategic Growth

Growing your business in today’s environment of declining budgets is difficult and uncertain. Our team of business professionals can help give you the winning edge. more